One Year Guarantee

We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their new garden beds. New plant installations are guaranteed for one year after date of purchase. Warranty is void if customer fails to properly care for plantings. Please review "what's not covered" section below. 


We provide a one time, free of charge replacement for perennials, trees and shrubs for up to one year after planting.  Plants replacements are subject to availability and proper planting  temperatures.   Please see below for what is not covered in our warranty.  

What's not covered

This warranty does not include the cost of labor, delivery, and materials (compost, fertilizer, coco coir, etc..)

This warranty does not cover annuals or any perennials, or shrubs planted in pots. 

This warranty does not cover plants that do not survive due to failure to provide normally accepted horticultural planting care and/or maintenance. Plants that fail due to poor soil or poor drainage are not covered. 

This warranty does not include negligence on part of the owner, including but not limited to lack of water or irrigation.  The use of herbicides such as glyphosate found in Roundup or other herbicide brands voids our plant replacement warranty.  

This warranty does not cover damage caused by animal rubbing or eating. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to protect plants from the possible damage by animals.

This warranty does not include transportation, labor or other consequential and incidental costs or damages.

This warranty does not include coverage of the following: damage or loss of trees, plants, or ground covers caused by fires, floods, lightning, freezing rains, winds or storms, drought or extreme heat, winter kill caused by extreme cold and severe winter conditions not typical of planting area, natural disasters, or acts of vandalism.