Regular Maintenance

More than just Weeding

When you sign up for our maintenance program, your garden is covered from head to toe. 

You can sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. Your garden needs different care depending on the season and the weather. We handle weeding, perennial care, hedging, woody ornamental tree pruning  maintaining garden edges. We blow hardscapes and patio spaces on every service to leave your home sparkling. Whatever your garden needs we will take care of it!

Get your yard sparkling

Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy garden bed and no one does it quite like we do. 

Annuals and porch design

Welcome Home

We offer four seasons of porch pot design that will make your entrance pop! Whether you are welcoming guests for the holidays or enjoying your summer on the patio, it's sure to be great eye candy for everyone to enjoy. 

You can order once for the whole year. You won't have to keep up on your pots, let us take care of it. Just tell us want you want and we'll keep your porch pots in season all year. 

What we offer

  • Spring Pansy Pots 
  • Summer Full Bloom Pots 
  • Autumn Harvest Pots
  • Winter Celebration Pots 
  • Kitchen Herb Pots

Other services


Keep your blooms gorgeous! We apply all organic fertilizers, specific to your perennials needs!

New Garden Installation

Want to redesign your garden space? Call us for a consultation and well work with you to create the garden you've always wanted. 

Winter Tree pruning

Deciduous woody ornamentals (garden trees that loose there leaves) are best pruned in the late winter, when they are dormant. This protects them from disease and infection and helps keep their shape. 


We offer a variety of mulches that we deliver and apply. We mulch like gardeners, with the care of your plants in mind. 

Fall and Spring Cleaning

A clean up at the beginning and end of the growing season is so important. It not only keeps your garden maintenance manageable, it also it essential to the vitality of your plants. this is included in our Maintenance program. 

Animal control

Just because we love our wild life, doesn't mean our beloved gardens have to be their salad bars! We have safe animal repellents to help keep those cute critters away!